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Fletcher's Piano Showcase

Saturday, April 3rd, 2004 - 1 Trophy, 5 Medals and 4 Respectable Finishes

Kayla (standing) & Cameron (seated)

Annie, Carrie, Brittani (front row)
Zachary (seated)
Britany, Latima, Katelyn, Joel

NameLevelRequired PieceChosen PieceScore
(Medal Winner)
2MelodyMineut en Rondeau89
(Medal Winner)
2MelodyLittle Dance in Canon Form84
(Medal Winner)
2MelodyMarch of the Goblins86
Joel2MelodyMarch of the Goblins76
Katelyn2MelodyMineut en Rondeau60
(Trophy Winner)
2MelodyJazz invention No. 297
(Medal Winner)
3Sonatina in GSonatina in C - 3rd Movement85
(Medal Winner)
4Bouree in GWild Horseman86.5

Fletcher's Pianos and Organs at the Arnot Mall, hosted their annual Piano Showcase competition on Saturday, April 3, 2004.  Contestants competed before a panel of three local adjudicators.

Each participant performed two memorized pieces from the "Celebration Series® - The Piano Odyssey®" One piece was pre-determined, and the other they personally choose from the same album.

The top 20% of the students received a trophy and medals were awarded to others for a commendable performance (above 80-85%). All students received a certificate.

STUDENTS, PLEASE NOTE:‚Ä®Before going to this event, we discussed that you are judged on a scale of 1 to 5 in several categories.  It was agreed by all that a "3" would be average . . . acceptable, though not the kind of performance that would be required to place well in a competition of this nature.  Someone who scored an average of 3 in each category would receive a total score of 60%.  Sound bad?  Nope!  Remember, we call it "average . . . acceptable".  As one student put it, "Just keep me above the 50s . . . "

Be happy folks!  We did well.  :-)