Garden Grand

2023 Update… It’s so funny to look at this now.  It was YEARS ago… that tiny little sad Rose of Sharon in the back is now huge.  But sadly, I’ve let the sidewalk go.  Just today a neighbor saw me outside and said it’s time to repaint again.  🙂  When I do I’ll come back with new pictures. 


Because of a slight math miscalculation (basically, a tree stump in the way) when I initially made this keyboard two years ago, I came up three notes short on the low end A, A#, B were missing… to the trained eye, this was a travesty. They are missing no more! I beat on the offending stump and added the missing keys. 🙂

Yesterday I repainted the black. My dad saw it and said:
“That looks awful!”
“I’m not finished, Dad, I’m not finished”

This afternoon I measured and taped. It all went faster this time, but it still took effort to line everything up. Then a few coats of paint…

The finished project (minus some black touching up I’ll get to later).

A, A#, B . . . I feel better already 🙂